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The big two-room apartments cover a surface of 50 m2, the small two-room ones are of 40 m2 and the one-room apartments cover a surface of 35m2. They all have access to the surrounding area.
Both the bedrooms and the living rooms are furnished with traditional wooden furniture and its colouring is in harmony with the colour of the outdoor wooden surfaces. The wardrobes of the bedrooms are spacious so that they can fully meet the demands of the visitors.

In addition, the kitchens are of high taste and fully-equipped and they cover all the needs of the tenants. The size and number of the balconies in combination with their orientation enable the visitor to enjoy the beautiful view in a cool environment any time of the day. Finally, outside the stone fence of the apartment block and at the end of the road there is a private parking space with a capacity of 15 vehicles for the vehicles of the visitors.


Facilities of the Apartments